launch of Milbon in-salon treatment and hair care products at Number76!

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Anyone who has met me in person over the last 3 months would know that my hair was in ITS WORST SHAPE EVER. The monthly hair coloring and bleaches took its toll and my hair slowly resembled a mop.

No amount of blue and purple can mask that dryness. On a side note, I know all of you are my true friend because none of you said anything about my hair on social media. Like ” I met Sabrina in person and her hair is as dry as her humor” So recently, I chopped my hair off! *gasp!* 

Nothing drastic. But I chopped whatever I dared to off. The goal was to get rid of much of it as possible and treat whatever else I had left back to it’s original health. Which is why I was so glad to be the few invited to try out the MILBON SMOOTH TREATMENT to intensively improve hair condition and boost natural luster.

 At the Milbon photo wall
Number76 is one of the few selected hair salons in Malaysia to launch the exclusive Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” in-salon treatment and hair care product range from Japan. Me and a few other bloggers were invited to Number76 to meet the people behind Milbon .

See any familiar faces? :) The core ingredient used in all of the Milbon products is known as Stick Shaped Void Rescuer (SSVR) Silk. Sounds super canggih right? To simplify this for you, Milbon products uses a silk based super power ingredient that repairs damages and improves your hair .

In addition to getting to know more about Milbon, meeting the other Number76 influencers, and eating (mostly eating), I got to experience the Milbon Smooth treatment. There is 3 steps to this 30 minute treatment which are

1. SMOOTH – using Amino Oil to smoother surface bumps
2. HYDRATE- using Moisture Veils to infuse moisture 
3. TOPCOAT – Smoothing Collagen that seals in the treatment

That’s not me, but I just wanted to show you what the process of getting the treatment is like 30 minutes of relaxing hair pampering while you relax. Pictures above taken from Number76.

The treatment is inclusive of a wash and blow dry by the talented people of Number76.

I went for a messy do that day. Do you think it suits me?

So what’s the verdict?

The week after I got my treatment was absolutely intense for me. I flew to and from Bangkok, I went trampolining , for hot yoga and swam. And I ended the week with smoky drinking and Zouk visits. With all that done, this was my hair a week after the Milbon Smooth treatment.

The treatment held up pretty well. The picture above was the night right after Zouk a week after the treatement. The entire Milbon smooth treatment plus a wash and blow dry goes for RM190 at all Number76 outlets.

In addition to treatments, you may also purchase the Milbon hair care products at Number76.

So if you are in pursuits of healthy ,beautiful hair, try out the Milbon brand today :)

Bookings for services can be made online at

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