[NEW] Best-selling Curl Iron from Japan: Hairbeauron 3D Plus

Throughout the past year, the Lumielina Hairbeauron Straight & Curl Irons have taken the beauty industry by storm with its revolutionary technology that not only minimalises heat damage but also improves hair condition with every usage! Number76 Hair Salon exclusively imports these ultra-popular best-selling hair styling tools directly from Japan to our hair salons across Malaysia and Singapore! Not only do our professional hair stylists use it on customers in the salon, it's also available for sale - with incredible response from customers throughout the past months!

Now, we're thrilled to introduce an upgraded version that'll change any conception you have about hair styling at home!  

Lumielina Hairbeauron 3D Plus Curl Iron


Bioprogramming Technology in 3D Plus

ヘアビューロン 3D Plus [カール]は、特定の振動と波長の組み合わせで『エネルギーと情報の“場”』をプログラミングする最先端の独自技術バイオプログラミングを施した特殊セラミックスを搭載しています。 現行のヘアビューロン [カール]をいかに長く使用し続けても、本機ヘアビューロン 3D Plusで得られる美髪の変化域まで到達することはありません。 ぜひ、ヘアビューロン 3D Plus [カール]で起きる未知のバイオプログラミング効果をご体験ください。 ※技術のレベルによる変化の到達点の違いは、“2D Plus”や“3D Plus”のように数字の大きさで表記しています。 

The Hairbeauron 3D Plus features a special ceramic produced with state-of-the-art Bioprogramming technology that works to program a field of『energy & information』through the harmoniously combined power of special vibrations and wavelengths. Regardless of how long you've been using the previous version of Hairbeauron, it's impossible for it to ever achieve this level of hair moisture currently offered by the brand-new Hairbeauron 3D Plus. Now, this is an invitation for you to explore the unknown world of Bioprogramming's effectiveness through your own personal experience. ※Label numerals such as "2D Plus" and "3D Plus" indicate the differences technology level upgrade.

Important Benefits of Hairbeauron 3D Plus Curl Iron

Hair changes beautifully at high temperatures of 180°c

ヘアビューロン 3D Plus [カール]は、独自技術バイオプログラミングの効果により、180℃の高温で30秒継続して巻き置いても、髪のつやが増し、美しく潤います。 髪の一ヶ所を長く挟んでいるだけで、髪の根元から毛先まで美しく変化することが観察できます。(Bioprogramming TV) ※コーティング剤やオイルを塗布した髪に高温のヘアビューロンを当てると、薬剤が熱で化学反応を起こして髪を傷める可能性があるので、このようなご使用はご遠慮ください。 ※高温で、同じ毛束の同一ヶ所を挟んで放置するのは30秒程度を限度としてください。
With effect from the state-of-the-art Bioprogramming technology within Hairbeauron 3D Plus Curl Iron, hair becomes glossier and beautifully moisturized even after being curled continuously around the iron at high temperatures of 180°c for a maximum of 30 seconds. Just by pressing a specific section of the hair continuously with the curl iron, you can easily observe the beautiful transition of hair condition from roots to the ends. ※Should you attempt this with product such as oil and serum applied on your hair, please be warned that there is a high risk of burn caused by chemical reaction to the heat - we strongly advise against it. 


Silky touch during curling

バイオプログラミング技術の『密度を高くする』ことで、髪がより美しくなります。 そのため、本機でじっくりと巻くほどにつやと潤いが増し、絹のような滑らかな手触りとなり、髪は美しく輝きます。
By increasing the density of Bioprogramming technology, your hair becomes more beautiful. To fulfill this purpose, as you curl your hair around the iron, your hair turns increasingly glossy and moisturized, a smoothness that feels like silk to the touch. Your hair will shine beautifully. 

Styles even without high temperatures

 高温でなくともカールが巻けます。 朝に巻いたカールが夕方まで持続します。 低温(40℃)の場合、髪質によってカールができにくい、あるいはカールの持続力に個人差が出ますので、髪質に応じて中温(80~120℃)もご利用ください。 しっかりとしたカールを作りたい方は、180℃の高温をご利用ください。
Even without high temperatures, hair can be styled. These curls can remain from morning until the evening. When using low temperatures of 40°c, it may be difficult to style depending on the hair condition as well as individual circumstances affecting the lasting power of the curls. Kindly set it to medium temperature of 80~120°c according to each hair quality and condition. To create firm curls with longer lasting power, kindly use a high temperature of 180°c.

Reshaping curls without damaging hair 

従来のヘアアイロンのように、巻き直しの際に水や専用液は必要ありません。 気に入ったデザインができるまで何度でも巻き直しできます。 0530代から60代までも髪を美しく 髪の性質や劣化、そして傷みなどによってヘアアイロンを使うことを諦めてしまった30代から60代の方でも、つややかで潤いのある髪の美しさを得ながら、美しいカールでヘアデザインを楽しめます。
Using conventional curling irons, when you want to reshape your curls, you’d need to add water and moisturized your hair before you can curl it again. With Hairbeauron, you can always reshape your hair over and over again without the usage of any water and it won’t damage your hair.


Beautiful hair in your 30s to 60s

Even those in your 30s to 60s who have given up on using hair irons due to hair condition, deterioration, and damage, you are now able to enjoy creating hair designs with beautiful curls while enjoying the benefits of beautifully glossy and moist hair. 

Adapted & translated from Lumielina

How is this better than the original Hairbeauron Curl Iron? 

  • Smoother Styling Process
    It is recreated to become more user-friendly for easy styling by anyone! Whether you've had so much practice you could style your own hair with both eyes closed or you'd simply like to the first step in learning how to curl at home - the Hairbeauron 3D Plus Curl Iron makes it a fuss-free experience! This special iron ensures an even heat distribution and as it replenishes moisture to hair, your tresses are less likely to snag nor get tangled up! A smooth styling process! 

  • Improved Moisture Power
    An upgraded Bioprogramming technology further boosts moisture levels as it styles! Our team of stylists has had the opportunity to test it out in the salon on various customer hair types throughout the weeks and reported that the improved moisture power of Hairbeauron 3D Plus Curl Iron is visibly significant when compared to the original Hairbeauron Curl Iron. 

  • Further Improves Hair Condition 
    With improve moisture power, bid goodbye to heat damage from styling and say hello to healthier, glossier hair! If you think the original Hairbeauron Curl Iron is miraculous in its function to provide glossy, smooth hair, you'd be even more amazed with the Hairbeauron 3D Plus Curl Iron that redefines hair styling at home to a whole new level that has never been explored!

Now available for online purchase
or in-store at Number76 Hair Salon!


The Hairbeauron 3D Plus Curl Iron retails at RM1439.50.

Product Specifications

 Product Name   Hairbeauron Curl Iron  (Large)
 Model Name  HBRCL3D-GL-JP 
 Power Source   AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
 Electricity Consumption   59W ±10%
 Temperature  40℃~180℃
 Safety Device  Current Fuse
 Power Cord Length  2.0m
 Size  Height 350 x Width 59 x Depth 85mm
 Barrel Diameter 34.0mm (Large)
 Weight  495g
 Attachment  Stand (1 Piece)

Purchase includes an international adapter for usage in Malaysia. 

This product comes with a warranty for 6 months. It can be extended by an additional 12 months should you provide several particulars. This will result in a total of 18 months warranty. Rest assured that our salon and online store representatives will walk you through the simple process for this extended warranty. Should there be any issues with the styling tool within the warranty period, please be informed that it will take approximately 1-2 months for process to be completed as it has to be shipped back to Japan for reparation. Just return it to the nearest Number76 Hair Salon in its original box and we'll have it shipped over to Japan, free of charge! Get it today! 

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