Popular in Japan Hairbeauron Straightener And Curl Iron

We’re sure that by now you would have seen on our social media postings. Time to get on board the craze for these new revolutionary styling tools that has shocked the beauty industry across the world – introducing Lumielina’s Hairbeauron Straightener & Curl Iron from Japan! 

The magic lies in a special type of ceramic that is exclusively developed by Lumielina.

“Lumielina’s original Bioprogramming Technology activates molecules and gene expressions by special programming. This technology programs the density of quanta in a “field”using Lumielina’s theory of the golden ratio. Because of this Bioprogramming Technology, we are able to develop products that conventional wisdom would have called “miracles”. We continue to research and develop our technology, applying our theory to various fields such as medicine, pharmacy, agriculture and industry.”  Adapted from Lumielina, Bioprogramming.Jp

Now, what makes Hairbeauron’s hair straightener different from other irons?

Let us share the 5 amazing benefits that you will see and feel when using the product.

Hairbeauron Straightener

1. Beautifies your hair

With its creative innovation, Hairbeauron’s product is able to straighten or curl your hair without causing hair damage even at a high temperature. Most curling/straightening irons would damage and cause burning on hair when kept at a long time. With Hairbeauron, even at its highest temp of 180 degree Celsius, your hair would not be damaged and in contrast, see amazingly shiny hair.
*Chemicals in some hair products might cause hair damage when using Hairbeauron at a high temperature.

2. Improves hair quality
Using Hairbeauron daily, you will most definitely see the quality of your hair improving as it helps with increasing moisture and gloss in your hair.

3. Straightens hair at all temperature
The Hairbeauron straightens your hair at all temperature. With a wide range of temperature provided up, it is cater to suit for all types of hair.

4. Beautifies hair with or without heat 
The Bioprogramming technology in the HairBeauron allows the straightener to work on your hair off mode as well as when it is switched on. When it’s on off mode, the cold heating plates provides hair with a glossy finish.

5. Works well on all hair types
Through the innovative technology, Hairbeauron provides an opportunity for those who no longer use hair straighteners because of hair aging or worry further damaging your hair.

Hairbeauron Curl Iron

1. Minimizes hair damage
Hairbeauron heats and curls without further damaging your hair as it protects the protein in your hair. With Hairbeauron, you can actually keep it at your hair for a longer period without burning the hair. You will see steam coming from your hair but there will be no smoke.  
*Chemicals in some hair products might cause hair damage when using Hairbeauron at a high temperature.

2. Gives a silky smooth touch
Using Hairbeauron, it will help give your hair a silky texture as it adds gloss and moisture. The more you curl, the more beautiful your hair will be.

3. Makes perfect curls
Hairbeauron makes perfect and long lasting curls even when curled at a low temperature.

4. Reshaping curls without damaging hair
Using conventional curling irons, when you want to reshape your curls, you’d need to add water and moisturized your hair before you can curl it again. With Hairbeauron, you can always reshape your hair over and over again without the usage of any water and it won’t damage your hair.

5. Works well on all hair types 
Through the innovative technology, Hairbeauron provides an opportunity for those who no longer use hair curling irons because of hair aging or worry further damaging your hair

Now, you can purchase Hairbeauron’s  Straightener & Curl Irons at all Number76 Hair Salons in Malaysia. Hairbeauron Straighter retails at RM1399; while Hairbeauron Curl Iron retails at RM999.

It is also available in Number76 Singapore & Hair Salon NALU, Tokyo.

You may also request to have your stylist try them on your hair during your salon visit! If time is a concern, you can just walk-in to inquire on the product and if our salon set is available at that time, we’re more than happy to provide a short demonstration with the irons.

For more information, visit Lumielina’s official website  - [click here]

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