Number76's New Director Stylists!

In a blink of an eye, it has been half a year of 2018 now! We have some exciting news to share with you!


After years of training and experiences in Number76 Hair Salon,
we're proud to present our newly promoted stylists, Lucas and Calvin as Director Stylist to continue to serve you better!


Congratulations to our Director Stylists on their promotion! 
We would like to inform that effective 1 June 2018, their haircut prices will be updated to RM98 for all hair lengths!

*Kindly refer to Number76’s full service menu price here


Director Stylist Lucas (Number76 Starhill Gallery)

 The years spent honing his techniques in this creative industry is evident in his slick, practiced movements and the fresh,
captivating hair styles produced for each individual each time.
Don’t hesitate to seek his opinions and advises on styles that best fit you.


Violet Rebellious - violet highlight on silver ash shade

emoticon emoticon

Behind the scenes of ChelsiaNg (renowned Malaysia actress and singer) profile shooting


 More photos from the Director Stylist Lucas at Instagram: 76_lucas

Director Stylist Calvin (Number76 Bangsar)

Beneath the cool persona lays a conscientious individual. From glamorous highlights to show-stopping colors to classic styles for both men and women,
his versatility in tailoring styles to complement individual features has earned him many happy customers.



A feminine style with soft curls designed by Calvin for his regular, Kiminpink

Calvin being featured as Star Stylist in Harper's BAZAAR Malaysia

More photos from the Director Stylist Calvin at Instagram: 76calvin


Our stylists team is ready to serve you!
Book yourself an appointment with the newly promoted Director Stylists Lucas & Calvin here!

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