Number76 July Promotions

Enjoy great reductions when you purchase hair care products at Number76 Hair Salon! 

Starting from 1 July - 31 July 2017, make your way to any Number76 Hair Salon closest to you! Selective hair care products that caters to your hair needs, speak to your stylist today to see which product suits your tresses the most! Time to stock up your hair shampoo and conditioners! 

*This promotion is not applicable for all hair dryers and hair irons

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Number76 Hair Salon February 2018 Promotion | Number76日系发廊于2018年2月展开促销活动!

Flash Promotion! Only at Number76 Hair Salon in Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru


Number76's Senior Stylist Relocation [Kuala Lumpur]

Number76's New Japanese Director Stylist | Number76の新しい日本人スタイリストのご紹介

Number76 Hair Salon: ジョホールバルに新店オープン | Now Open in Johor Bahru

[期間限定] KLを中心に活躍する4人の日本人スタイリストが Number76ジョホールバルパラダイムモール店にて勤務します。

[NEW] Best-selling Curl Iron from Japan: Hairbeauron 3D Plus