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Attending to your tresses are very important. It's basically what we advocate to our customers on a daily basis. However, we tend to forget to put efforts in maintaining and care for our scalp.


Introducing Global Milbon's Scalp series, a range that is dedicated to restore scalp health for a healthier and shiner hair. In a survey carried out by the GM team, it was resulted that women in the world encounters 5 most common scalp troubles; Itchy, Dandruff, Dry, Sticky, and Smelly.


Out of the 80% of women that have scalp troubles around the world, approximately 60% of them do not implement proper scalp care to treat the issues.


The most common reason behind scalp troubles are due to excessive fatty acids which are found in the sebum area.


Global Milbon Scalp Series includes:

1. Purifying Gel Shampoo

With the Purifying Gel Shampoo, the high content of viscosity properties will help to remove fatty acids on your scalp. The purifying gel produces cleansing effects that are glued to the scalp, which thoroughly rids off dirt from your scalp environment.

2. Hydrating Treatment

Then, comes in the Hydrating Treatment to replenish oil and moisture on your scalp. The sugar squalane present in the treatment aids to protect the scalp while keeping moisture within your scalp.

3. Soothing Moisturizer

Last but not least, this scalp lotion keeps the scalp moisturizing and healthy with a trigger of cool sensation. The moisturizer comes in mist bottle designs that allows the moisturizing ingredient penetrate into the scalp. Not to worry, the moisturize is color safe so if you have colored hair, it's alright to apply it over your scalp!

10 types of plant extract includes
: Swertia Japonica, Angelica Keiskei, Loquat, Seagrass, Thyme, Majorana, Rice, Sponge Cucumber, Carrot and Stephania Cepharantha.



Great news! We will be adding on a brand new scalp treatment at the hair salon! The Global Milbon Scalp Treatment using the ingredients and technology present in this brand new range! There will be 3 specially innovated spa fragrances that you can choose from this scalp treatment and they are Citrus (Refreshing), Rose (Relaxing) and Vanilla (Calm)


Starting 1st September 2017, this range of hair care product and scalp treatment will be available at all Number76 Hair Salon! As an introductory promotion, there will be 20% OFF on Global Milbon Scalp Treatment throughout 1 - 30 September 2017.


What are you waiting for! Book your appointment today! :D 

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