Number76 May Promotions

This month's promotion entitles you to 20% OFF all scalp treatments at Number76 Hair Salon! From a wide range of treatments catering to your needs such as hair thinning, hair loss, cleanse of scalp and many more, it's definitely the perfect time for you to make a visit to the hair salon!

Here are the list of wonderful scalp treatments that you can enjoy at Number76 Hair Salon: 

KERASTASE Sensidote Calming
- Soothes and calms discomfort on sensitive scalp. 
- Cooling sensation reduces itching, redness, and tingling. 
- Increases scalp tolerance against external aggression. 

Shiseido Adenovital Scalp Treatment 
- Effectiveness to boost regeneration and combat for hair loss
- Prepares scalp for optimized absorption of moisture. 
- Powerful ingredients to penetrate deep into the scalp, improving scalp conditions. 
- Improves overall hair volume and prevent hair loss. 
- Removes impurities for healthy scalp

Milbon Plarmia Refining Scalp & Hair Treatment 
- Softens, moisturizes, and protects scalp conditions with collagen as main ingredient. 
- Increases and holds moisture within hair structure. 
- Repairs damages and locks moisture for smooth hair effect.
- Hair repairing keratin effect with CMADK ingredient. 
- Instantly repairs and strengthen hair structures. 
- Provides anti-aging and damage care for scalp and hair condition. 

Don't know which scalp treatment to go for? Worry not, at Number76 Hair Salon, you can opt for a complimentary scalp scan where our hairdressers can check the conditions of your scalp and let you know which treatment works best for you!

Hint! Mother's Day is around the corner so you can also take this opportunity to treat your mother to this wonderful hair pampering session by purchasing our gift cards! Available now with a brand new design at all Number76 Hair Salon! There's no expiration date to the value in the gift card so what are you waiting for, purchase one today! 

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