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Healthy scalp for healthy hair!
Beneath your hair lies the sensitive skin of your scalp, which requires regular care more often that you can think of. Lack of scalp care practices may cause a series of scalp issues such as dandruff, itchiness, greasiness and even smelly scalp. Now, we have this sorted out with the right soothing scalp care treatment just for you.

exclusively at Number76 Hair Salon throughout May 2018!

From 1st – 31st May 2018, visit any branch in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, or Singapore for an enjoyable soothing scalp care session!

  • Shiseido Adenovital

The first choice of customers with hair loss concerns with a great boost of hair regeneration. Shiseido’s patented hair growth ingredient – Adenosine works deep into your scalp to condition and optimize the absorption of nutrients to target hair loss concerns effectively while improving overall hair volume!

Check out more about the treatment steps here!


  • Global Milbon Scalp

All the way from Japan, this scalp treatment works effectively to cleanse and eliminate excess fatty acid while replenishes essential moisture for a balance and healthy scalp. It comes with 3 scents - invigorating citrus, soothing vanilla, relaxing rose caters to your preference!

*Inclusive of complimentary scalp analysis and indulge in an ultra-relaxing head massage!

  • Plarmia Refining Treatment

Milbon’s patented ingredient - CMADK, infused scalp and hair treatment focuses on anti-aging damage care. With 3 scalp and hair care steps, to pump up moisture within hair structure and repair external damages, it will leave you with protected scalp and visible smoothness on every strand. 

Let’s find out how does it work here.

  • Lebel Viege Scalp & Hair Treatment

This 2-in-1 treatment harvests the all-natural ingredient extracts such as Okra fruit, Carrot Root, Red Ginger, etc to provide essential nourishment and care for the scalp. Choose from Balancing (oily scalp), Soothing (dry scalp) or Anti-Aging (hair loss) to target specifically on each concern.

Balancing (oily scalp) – refreshing feel with cooling sensation
Soothing (dry scalp) – gentle feel with moisturizing effect
Anti-aging (hair loss) – for thinning and lack of vitality scalp condition

*Inclusive of complimentary microscope analysis

At the same time, it provides intensive care within hair strands, focusing on cuticles elasticity of thinning hair resulted from aging process with natural nutrition extracted from vegetables and fruits, and restores resilience effect for manageable tresses.     

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For a full list of service menu prices, kindly refer here
Find out more about your scalp condition and
secure an appointment now to pamper your scalp within May 2018! 

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Number76 Hair Salon May Promotion

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