Number76 December Promotion New And Improved Treatments

Happy December! It's almost the end of the year 2016. It's been such an amazing year and we've got the perfect way for you  to celebrate and welcome the new year with glorious tresses!

Over the long nights of in-house testing and constantly trying out newly innovated ingredients, our entire range of treatments have gone through a significant upgrade. It’s better than it has ever been and we are now recommending the renewed treatment series with more confidence than ever!

With just a few ringgits of price adjustment, the upgraded powerful formula will effectively provide your hair with astounding benefits and longer lasting effect. 

This newly improved formulas and processes intensively repairs hair damage from deep within and improves hair strength for instant results. With a lighter, smoother, glossier effect, your hair retains its natural volume and texture without getting weighed down.  

Moreover, we've also recognized that each individual has different hair needs we've revised the prices of hair treatments according to hair length to better serve each and every one of you!

Ultrasonic Iron
Short: RM245
Med : RM265
Long: RM285

Ultrasonic Premium
Short: RM330
Med : RM350
Long: RM370

Global Milbon Smooth
Short: RM170
Med : RM185
Long: RM200

Plarmia Refining
Short: RM160
Med : RM180
Long: RM200

Exclusively now at Number76, you can experience first-hand the dramatically improved results at a special promotion of 20% off hair treatments from 1 -  31 December 2016!


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Please allow us to introduce Number76’s Star Product of December 2016:

The Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” Hair Care Collection

Like its tag line, Milbon aims to help people to have beautiful and healthy hair every day. 


The Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” Hair Care Collection comes in 3 different ranges and they are:

Smooth Collection - for rough, easily-tangled hair
Detangle and smooth. This smoothing collection improves overall texture, leaving every strand feeling silky – smooth and soft. Available in 3 formulas for fine, medium and course hair.

Moisture Collection - for dry, frizzy
Nourish and hydrate. This superior hydrating collection replenishes moisture on damaged hair, leaving hair looking luminous and vibrant. Moisture retention is dramatically improved.


Repair Collection – for styling preparation
Featuring a lightweight Restorative Blowout Primer that repairs severely damaged and over processed hair while enhancing blowout results. To be applied on towel-dried hair.


The key ingredient to the Global Hair Care Brand “milbon” Hair Care Collection is the SSVR-Silk™. SSVR-Silk™ is a powerful, silk-based complex which supersedes hollow tubular gaps that form in chemically-treated hair - contributing to shine, split ends, and breakage —and improves hair’s overall integrity, inside and out

For more information on the product range, you can visit Milbon’s official website here.

 In the month of December 2016, you can enjoy this entire range at a special price. Feel free to come by and consult with a stylist on which range that suits your hair most! 

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