CIAO! Away For Company Trip!


This time, we continue to catch the wave at 
Hokkaido and Tokyo, Japan!
We are truly looking forward to catch the breathtaking snow flurries in Hokkaido, before it is too late!
Kindly be informed that the Number76 team from Malaysia and Singapore will be taking a short break as the schedule below:

The team will be splitting into two groups and our operating hours will be as usual for each branch 
EXCEPT for Number76 Bangsar, on 14 April 2019 will be closed at 17:00
whereas the branch will be closed from 15 ~ 20 April 2019 as well.

*Kindly take note Senior Stylist Suky and Jack will be serving you at Number76 Mid Valley during the Bangsar branch closure.

You may check out the stylist schedule and make the booking online at our official website, it’s all hassle-free!
Operation hours
Number76 MalaysiaDaily 10:00~21:00Thursday 10:00~17:00
Number76 SingaporeDaily 10:00~21:00Thursday 10:00~17:00
Catch a glimpse of Number76 team updates at @number_76recruit, for amazing events, gatherings, interaction among the team and more!ANDdon’t forget to check #76InJapan for updates on our annual company trip!
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