Salon Assistant / Stylist

Career growth:

1. Assistant
2. Junior Stylist / Senior Assistant
3. Senior Stylist
4. Director Stylist
5. Senior Director Stylist
6. Branch Manager
7. Area Manager
  • On the job training.
  • Practical lessons are given by Director Stylists.
  • Self-practice time (after working hours) under the guidance of Director Stylists or Seniors.
  • Weekly skills exam for assistants, new stylists.
  • Staff who passes the exam get a salary increment based on the level of the exam he/she passes.

Hair techniques examination levels – Salon Assistant / New stylists:

1Customer service manners, shampoo, massage, hand dry
2Lotion apply on wig
3Color works on model
4Winding – styles
5Blow drying – 5 styles
6Haircut on wig – 5 styles
7haircut on model – 4 styles
8Hair arrangement

Customer Service Officer

Career Growth:

1. Customer Service Officer
2. Senior Customer Service Officer
3. Assistant Branch Manager
4. Branch Manager
  • On the job training under the guidance of seniors.
  • professional customer servicing manners.

Level of Evaluation:

LevelWorking knowledge/skills learned
1Basic customer servicing manners
2Omotenashi – Japanese greetings, manerism
3Customer booking management
4Daily sales report
5Stock management
6Contribution of ideas for improving customer satisfaction
7Stylist schedule management
8Retail products knowledge
9Salon customer flow management