Q: How can I achieve the colors as shown in the images on Instagram?

It very much depends on your current hair condition and preferred hair color results as certain color tones may require multiple bleaching processes.

At the same time, you may refer to our single-color session price range as below:
RM212 – short hair above the jawline
RM255 – medium hair between the jawline and collar bone
RM298 – long hair past collar bone
RM333 – extra long hair past chest line

Not to worry if the price is a concern as our stylists will have a consultation where they can provide a more thorough explanation and price range upon checking your hair in person. You are more than welcome to decide on the services after the consultation.

Q: How long does it consider as touch up length?

A: Touch up is recommend approximately 3 months later from your last coloring session, length around 3cm+ from hair roots

Q: Can I achieve bright color without bleach?

It very much depends on your current hair condition and preferred hair color results as certain color tone may require multiple bleaching processes.

Q: How can I minimize the damages while doing color?


Q: How long can this bleached color lasts?

It can be lasts for 1 – 2 weeks, it may vary depends on how many time did you bleached as the more you bleached, the faster of color fades.

Q: How long does color service process takes?

It usually takes 2 hours for non-bleach color; whereas it takes roughly 3 – 4 hours for bleach color.


Color is a process to color your hair


Hair bleaching is a process to lighten your original hair color by stripping away the color through an irreversible chemical reaction. Bleaching begins with an alkaline agent that opens up the hair cuticle. Next comes the oxidative agent that penetrates the hair cortex and dissolves the hairs natural melanin (your hair’s natural color). The longer you leave this agent in your hair, the lighter in color your hair becomes. You hair can either lighten to a yellow or reddish tone depending on the your natural hair tone and then eventually lighten to platinum blonde. It generally takes up to 3 hours or more for the bleaching and coloring process.