Q: How can I achieve the colors as shown in the images on Instagram?It very much depends on your current hair condition and preferred hair color results as certain color tones may require multiple bleaching processes. At the same time, you may refer to our single-color session price range as below:RM212 – short hair above


Q: How do I make a booking with the stylists?You are more than welcome to call to your preferred branch or make an online booking with us at! Number76 branches contact:Number76 Mid Valley | 03-22870661Number76 Tribeca | 03-27756676Number76 Bangsar | 03-22831776Number76 Publika | 03-62012776Number76 Paradigm Mall, JB | 07-2448176Number76 Singapore | 65-63856776Number76 Jakarta |

Perm / Rebonding

Q: Can bleached hair be permanently straightened?This will not be possible as your hair has the chemical processes will irreparably damage your hair that has already been weakened by the previous bleach processes. We would recommend to trim off the bleached sections, if it can be considered, before proceeding with the straightening service. Q: Can

Hair Extension

Q: Do you offer hair extension service in salon?We offer only seal, also known as a sticker or tape extensions, as we find that these are comparatively:– quicker to put on / remove– more comfortable due to its thin base– more natural in results as it lies flat on the hair flow– more flexible as

After Service Guide

Color– Dry your hair thoroughly to avoid staining on clothes and towels.– Use exclusive shampoo for colored hair for long-lasting color results. PermAs the chemicals used during perm treatments stay active for 48 hours, upon shampooing, kindly note that the curls might loosen up.It is recommended that you do not shampoo your hair the next