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About Us

Our ultimate mission is to make hairstylist the most promising career path

Be polite, be kind, be honest.

History of Number76

Number76 was born in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, in the year 2001.
Founder Daisuke Hamaguchi started a little hair salon with his only assistant back then and called it HairStyleShop NALU.
He wanted to have a salon with the concept of a style shop, where customers can casually change to hair designs that they fancy just like how one changes his or her fashion items.

The name NALU means “waves” in Hawaiian.

Riding the tide (catching trends), beckoning the waves (creating trends), and of course perming your hair wavy (laughs) are the most befitting phrases for me since I also love surfing.

said Hama.

In the year 2003, NALU moved to Omotesando and at the same time, 76CAFE was established. It was a fresh concept where the ground floor served as a café while the basement a hair salon. It soon became one of the most popular hang-out spots in the stylish district of Omotesando.

Then, Hama’s wandering journey began.

He was in search of a chance to create new waves overseas, thus he traveled to different countries around Asia, America, and other cities.
Not long after, he discovered an ideal place which is Malaysia, a country of multiculturalism with people of different fashion and cultural sense. He was deeply intrigued by how the locals and residents possess the power to create their own distinctive culture.

He decided to choose Kuala Lumpur as the first destination of his journey, with the belief that one day this charming capital would be a center of fashion cultures in the region.

Bearing the concept inherited from NALU, Number76 Hair Salon was established in 2012. In just a few short years, Number76 broadened its reach to its current total of six salons in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru within Malaysia.

In 2016, Number76 stamped its mark in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. Expanding to Singapore was a natural decision to come to for Hama. The dynamic and stylish country beckoned to him; while Singaporean customers who frequent their neighboring country called for its arrival, cementing his decision to explore a new destination in this journey.

Wherever Number76 goes, Hama is determined that customers across the globe will walk out from the salons with a sense of satisfaction and happiness. It is this determination that has carried this brand across oceans.

The name Number76 was originally conceived from NALU. In Japanese, 7 (seven) is pronounced as “nana” while 6 (six) as “roku”.
When abbreviated, “nana” and “roku” merge together as NALU, hence Number76.

Together with NALU, Number76 hopes to create new trends with all of you.

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