Hair blow is also important for hair care

If your hair is in good condition, your overall impression looks better. In order to keep your hair beautiful and easy to style, hair blow is important. Let’s see the reason behind it and what you should be careful about. Especially hair blow is something you do everyday after shampoo, so it’s better to do it in the proper method.

Hair is easily damaged if left wet

For those who feel that their hair is damaged easily even if you intend to take good care of it, there is chance that it is because you leave your hair wet for too long. If you rub your hair with towel roughly or rub it to the pillow while your hair is still wet, the cuticle on the surface will come off, causing the hair to get damaged easily. It is important to blow your hair thoroughly after washing.

Dry well near the scalp area

Many people tend to focus more on their hair tips when drying their hair. However, when doing hair care, the scalp is also important. If your scalp is not in a healthy condition, you will not be able to grow beautiful hair. Leaving your scalp wet for too long leads to various skin problems. Let’s be careful and dry your skin and scalp well.