Hair styling techniques to eliminate hair problems

“My hair is thin and quickly becomes flat, it’s lacking volume…”. “My hair is bristle, and when I wake up in the morning it looks horrible…”. Have you ever had these kind of troubles? The key to solving such hair problems is to have hair styling that suits your hair quality. This time, we will introduce you the correct styling technique for each hair type.

How to bring out the volume of flat, thin hair?

The condition of the top part of your hair affects the impression of flat (Japanese call it petanko) hair. If the top of the hair follows the contours of the head, it will give less voluminous impression. That’s why, when styling the top hair, do not apply the hair dryer to the tip of the hair, but use your fingers to rub the roots of the hair instead. This has the effect of raising each hair from the root.

How can a person with stiff hair suppress their hair from spreading?

It is difficult to suppress puffy hair just by applying dryer to the hair on the surface. Use a pin to tie the top of the hair, then pull down the inner hair, which is the main cause of the puffy hair, why applying dryer for styling. The volume of the hair can be suppressed by adding a bit of a touch to the inner hair.