Double-process color for hair arrangement

There are many different types of hair arrangements. In recent years, hair arrangement doesn’t only include hairstyles and accessories, but also hair colors. Hair color can greatly change your impression, but you may not be able to dye your hair beautifully unless you follow the proper procedures. Here, we will introduce one hair coloring methods called double-process hair color.

What is double-process hair color

Double-process is one hair coloring method done by dyeing hair in two steps. Usually for hair coloring, the hair is dyed with a coloring agent, but in double-process, the hair is bleached first before using the coloring agent. Simply said, the biggest difference is whether or not to remove the natural hair color.

Benefits of double-process

The advantage of double-process is the high quality of the color result. Since the hair color is removed once, you can get the color you want reproduced on your hair the way it is. You can also make bright shades that usually cannot be reproduced with normal hair color.

Beautiful hair with double-process

Hair dyeing is not just about applying regular hair coloring agents to your hair. There are various method of hair dyeing, such as double-process which uses hair coloring agent after first removing the hair color. Double-process has good color development result and can reproduce bright colors clearly. If you want to enjoy a more vivid and beautiful shades for your hair, give double-process hair coloring a try!