Eyelash Extension Style

Eyelashes have their own characteristics, such as length, thickness, and curl. Many women may be dissatisfied with their natural-born eyelashes.

Because of that, the eyelash extension has been one of the solutions to enhance their appearance. However, some may wonder which type of extension design suits them well.

Now, let’s check out what kind of design there is to offer.

For elegant impression

Depending on the balance of design and combination, eyelashes can change the impression you give to your surroundings. If you want the image of an elegant and intellectual adult woman, we recommend the natural fan-shaped lines.

Emphasize your eye pupils for more cuteness

A cute lash style with longer lashes added at the center can create a big and round eyes effect.

If you want to give a cute impression, it’s better to pick the design that emphasizes your eye pupils and make your eyes look bigger. If you want to unleash your playful instinct during your personal time, you might want to give a try on color extensions.

For a sharp and sexy impression

If you want to create the image of a sexy adult woman, our recommendation is a sleek and long design with sharp lines that makes the edges of your eyes slant downwards, giving out a feeling of sexiness. Also, adding more volume to the overall eyelashes will give you a glamour impression.