How to use hair iron without damaging your hair

It is no exaggeration to say that a hair iron is a must-have item for hair styling. However, many people are concerned about the burden on their hair and whether it damages the hair when using it. What is the best way to style your hair with as little damage as possible? This time, we will introduce how to use a hair iron without causing damage to hair.

Proper use of hair iron

Hair iron is a tool that makes it easier to change the hair’s form by using heat, allowing you to straighten or curl your hair freely. If you use hair iron for a long time, the moisture and protein of the hair will be lost, causing dryness and split ends. Therefore, it is important to use it for as short a time as possible, so that it doesn’t damage your hair. If the hair iron has a temperature control function and damage care function, the burden on the hair can be further reduced. Styling products specialized for hair iron are also effective.

Summary of proper usage of hair iron

By using hair iron while reducing the damage to the hair, you will be able to style your hair while maintaining the cuticle. It is also important to adjust the temperature according to the condition of the hair when doing hair styling, and it is also necessary to use it at appropriate temperature. At first, you may be confused and not sure about how to use it well, but as you get used to it, surely you can get your ideal hair style in a short time.