Let’s review how to use hair iron and graduate from being a beginner!

By reviewing the points that sounds so basic that you can’t quite ask about how to use hair irons, you will be able to create your ideal hair style. Also there is a difference in usage between straightening iron and curling iron. Let’s review the basic usage such as the temperature setting and how to move the iron, and level up from being beginner to enjoy hair arrangement even more.

The process of using hair iron

The steps of using hair iron start from the preparation. First, raise the temperature of the hair iron sufficiently. For straightening irons, the standard temperature is 150 to 170 Celcius, and for curling irons, the temperature is slightly lower, from 130 to 150 Celcius. Blocking the hair with a sectioning clip while waiting for the temperature to rise will make your styling process go smoothly. When the temperature rises, take the hair bundles little by little and apply the heat. If you want to straighten your hair, slide the iron from the root to the tip of the hair. On the other hand, if you’re using curling iron, make the curl one by one starting from the middle part of the hair bundle to the tip of the hair.

Let’s adjust your way of using hair iron according to the hairstyle you want to make

The way of using hair iron depends on whether you want to style your hair straight or curled. Let’s take this opportunity to review the temperature setting and position of applying heat. For both hairstyles, it is possible to make it last longer by cooling the applied heat firmly. There are also some types of curling irons which allow you to use styling agent.