Long-lasting nail care

When you have your nails nicely arranged, of course you’d want them to last as long as possible. However, during your daily life, your nail polish might come off before you realized it. When that happens, you’d have no choice but to start over again. Actually, with a little bit of a trick, it is possible to make beautiful nails last longer. Here, we will explain how to do a long-lasting nail care.

Before applying nail polish is the important timing

First of all, before applying anything to your nails, it is important to remove any dirt on the surface of your nails. If the surface is dirty, even if you apply nail polish, it will become uneven or not stick well, making it difficult to keep the polish for a long time. Before applying nail polish, wipe off the dirt on your nails with rubbing alcohol or such so that the nail polish stick firmly to your nails and doesn’t come off easily.

Apply top coat

Many people apply top coat only to make their nails gloss, but in fact, top coat also prevents the nail polish from fading and protects the nails. By applying top coat, you can improve the vividness of the nail polish and prevent discoloration. Reapplying it once every 2 to 3 days will make your nail polish last even longer.

Effort is important

Just with a bit of an effort during nail care, you can make your nail polish last longer. By cleaning the surface of your nails beforehand and apply top coat after, you can enjoy the beautiful gloss for a long time. However, if you don’t do nail care diligently, your nail polish will come off quickly and your nails may even crack, so make sure you check your nails regularly.