Must-see for sloppy person! Why the eyelash extension is recommended for make-up beginners.

What is eyelash extension?

For make-up beginners, keeping their eyelashes curled and neat is a difficult task. If you can’t handle make-up tools well, your make-up might even look unnatural. In worst case, your make-up could even collapse and end up looking disastrous. Especially eye make-up tends to be particularly hard to get used to. Just imagine all the effort just to choose a mascara that suits you and find the right buhler.

That’s why, we’d like to recommend you eyelashes instead. You can just leave it to the professional to get a natural result. Unlike fake eyelashes, artificial eyelashes made of synthetic fiber are attached to each of your natural eyelash, one by one, resulting in a much more natural finish. You may be more familiar with the name “eyelash extension”. It’s also strong against water, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off because of tears or sweat.

How about the costs? How long does it last?

“I’m interested with eyelashes, but I’m kind of worried it looks rather expensive.” “It doesn’t really last that long, does it?” “I wonder if it even fits my skin.” You may here some of these anxieties before, or even thought about it before. In terms of cost, it varies from salon to salon, depending on the area and menu content. As a guideline, it is safe to assume that it could cost you somewhere around 5,000 to 10,000 yen. Especially since eyelash is one delicate area, so it is better to focus on the quality of counseling and treatment content rather than the low price.

As for the durability, it also depends on lifestyle and individual but in general it should last for about 3 weeks to one month. The attached eyelashes may fall off naturally according to the cycle of hair. In other words, you can keep natural and cute eyelashes without having to worry about make-up problem. For make-up beginners, it’s quite stress-free, isn’t it?

Enjoy the eyelashes that suit you

When you feel like actually trying getting eyelashes and go to the salon, make sure that you have a solid image of how you want it to be. The reason is because, in most cases, you can select not only the number of eyelashes, but also the length, thickness, and curling method when finishing. If you’re a beginner or not too attentive to your looks, you might be overwhelmed by the number of variations and can’t decide which to choose. In the end, balance is the most important point, so let’s tell the salon staff the image you wish for and listen to their suggestions.

As for after-treatment, since the adhesive of the eyelash itself is weak against oil, it’s best to use oil-free sunscreen and cleansing, and be careful not to rub your eyelashes as much as possible. Artificial eyelashes are also weak against water pressure, so make sure you don’t spray water directly when showering. As long as you are careful to keep it in a clean state for as long as possible, you can still do your usual make-up. So, make-up beginners, are you interested in enjoying cuteness in a stress-free way?