UV Protection Essential for Summer Hair Care

What happens to hair exposed to UV rays?

Compared to the skin, people tend to neglect measures against UV rays on hair. However, if you continue to be exposed under UV light, the cuticles protecting your hair will come off, putting a heavy burden on your hair. As result, your hair becomes dry and stiff. In addition to that, the hair itself becomes weak, and even a slight stimulus may cause it to break or split. Hair that repeats coloring is especially susceptible to UV rays, so you need to be more careful.

What is an effective method to protect hair from UV rays?

Ultimately, it’s best not to go out at the time when UV is strong, but that might not be realistic. When you go out, though, we’d recommend you to take as much measures as possible and walk in the shade.

Basically, use a large hat or parasol when going out. Next, try to change the parting of your hair from time to time to spread the burden to the scalp evenly. Further, use UV-protective spray for your hair. Also, it is effective to use non-rinse treatment or gel with UV protection feature included. For days where you feel like you’re exposed under UV more than usual, it is important not to accumulate damage by using scalp oil or lotion.

It is necessary to continue to be wary of UV rays not only in summer but also during autumn as well. It might be a little bit troublesome, but committing yourself to careful hair care routine will lead to healthy, good hair in the long run.