The difference between hair dye and hair manicure that not many people know

Do you know the difference between hair dye and hair manicure? Could it be that you think both are the same and use them the same way? Hair dye and hair manicure have different characteristics; the points when using them are also different. For those who do not understand the difference, here we will tell you the difference between the two and how to differentiate their usages. Please use as reference.

If you want to focus on the color, use hair dye

Hair dye penetrates the inside of the hair and brings out the color. It is easy to get the color as you imagined with hair dye, and even if you wash your hair, the color does not fade easily. The color lasts for about 2 months before gradually fading. It can damage your hair, so make sure you take care of your hair well by getting hair treatment regularly or such.

Hair manicure for less strain on hair

Hair manicure coats the surface of the hair with a chemical to give it color. Since it only coats the surface, the damage caused to hair is also little. It doesn’t irritate the scalp as much and is easy to use even for people with sensitive skin. The color lasts for about a month, and the color fades every time you wash your hair. Compared to hair dye, it is hard to get the color exactly as you imagined.