The merits of seal extensions

Hair extensions is a method to make your hair looks longer. Among the many types of extensions, there is a type called seal extensions. As the name suggests, it is an extensions that is attached using a seal and has different characteristics from the type that melts using ultrasonic waves and the type that weaves the extensions to the hair. Now let’s check the merits of seal extensions, and how to apply it.

Easy to use

The best merit of seal extensions is that it can be easily attached. Since the extension itself is already equipped with a seal, no special tools are required. All you have to do is pinch the seal part to your hair. If you are used to it, it may only take a few seconds per extension.

Hair doesn’t look thick

Basically, seal extensions are attached to the root part, where the hair is growing. Since the seal part has a flat shape, it doesn’t look thick even when attached. Therefore, it is suitable for those who want to increase the amount of hair while keeping refreshing hairstyle.

The best extension to choose under the right conditions

Seal extensions are relatively easy to install, but they also come off easily if too much force is applied. Therefore, it is suitable for situations where the extension itself is not too heavy and doesn’t get pulled much. If these conditions are met, it will be easier to demonstrate the strength of seal extensions, which are easy to organize neatly compared to other extensions,