What is the top coat used for nails?

Do you use top coat after polishing your nails? It takes time and more time to apply, so some people may find it bothersome and not apply it. However, top coat has other surprising advantages besides making your polish last longer. Let’s take a closer look at the lesser-known role of top coat and the benefits of using them.

Bring out the vividness of nail polish

Polished nails have completely different vividness depending on whether you apply top coat or not. Applying nail polish alone may not be as glossy or the color may look different than you imagined. Nail polish tend to give a dull color, but by applying a top coat on it, the color may look shining and beautiful.

Prevent discoloration and scratches

Just like skin and hair, nails can also get sunburn due to UV rays. If the polished nails are exposed to sunlight for a long time, the color may change or stick onto the nail, which will cause damage to the nails themselves. And when the nails deteriorate, the nail polish gets scratched and easily peeled off. Using top coat over nail polish may prevent such problem.

Top coat protects your nails

Top coat is applied not only to improve the appearance, but also to protect your nails from UV rays and prevent them from being damaged. When exposed to UV light, nails can easily crack or have white lines. In order to protect your nails from UV light, even if it may appear troublesome, top coat is necessary. Apply a top coat to get healthy and beautiful nails.