How to make moisturized straight hair with hair iron

“I’ve always adored getting straight hair with hair iron!” Many people may have this kind of thought, but keep on failing no matter how many times they try making it. Here, we will introduce the flow of how to use the hair iron to make the moisturized straight hair of your dream. Let’s master the usage of hair iron and get a shiny, beautiful straight hair.

Flow of making straight hair with curling iron

First of all, spray a mist-type non-rinse treatment to your entire hair to moisturize and protect it. After combing your hair carefully, when the hair is completely dry, separate your hair into several sections to make your styling process easier. Next, start the process of straightening your hair with hair iron. Take the hair little by little from the section you made and pinch it into the hair iron. When pulling the hair iron towards the hair ends, it is better to slide it slowly from the root while keeping the angle of about 45° to the scalp. After you finished straightening your entire hair, let it cool down for a while. Finally, apply a hair styling product that has high holding power to complete the process.

Get the trick to make straight hair with hair iron well!

When making straight hair with a curling iron, the important point is to first use a mist-type non-rinse treatment. That way, you can suppress hair damage and get a moisturized straight hair. Doing blocking properly and stretching your hair carefully little by little is also one trick to get a beautiful result.