What is the appropriate temperature when using hair iron?

Many people use hair iron as a tool to easily change their hairstyles. Hair iron is convenient for its wide variety of usage, from fixing bed hairs to full hair arrangement. However, since it must be used at high temperature, many people are worried about the damage it causes to their hair. Now, how do you use hair iron well without putting strain on your hair?

Hair iron should be used properly according to the condition of the hair

It is said that the best temperature when using a hair iron is between 160 to 180 Celcius. If you are too concerned about not damaging your hair and use hair iron at too low of a temperature, you won’t be able to coordinate your hair well. As a result, you will have to heat the same area over and over again, which ends up causing more damage to your hair. Hair quality is different depending on the person, so it is important to find a temperature that suits your hair. People with fine hair or severely damaged hair should keep a low temperature of around 140 Celcius. It is also important to adjust the temperature according to the hair condition of the day.

Adjust the usage of hair iron according to the condition of your hair

For those who loves using hair iron but concerned about the damage caused to their hair, try changing the setting of hair iron depending on hair quality and the condition of the hair at the time to reduce the damage as much as possible. Study the temperature that suits your hair the best while using the generally recommended temperature as reference. Also, depending on the hairstyle you want to make, for example, curly hair or such, you may unconsciously apply the iron too much on one area, so be careful.