Greige, the hair color to get closer to your ideal

Have you ever get stuck at choosing the color to use when dyeing your hair? There are many types of hair colors, and many people may not know which color that suit them the best. For such people, the hair color “greige” is the perfect choice. Greige is a popular color that gives a clear and soft impression. If you are having trouble finding your ideal hair color, please try using the color greige once.

In the first place, what color is greige?

Greige is a neutral color somewhere between gray and beige, as the name suggests. This color that combines the dullness of gray with the clearness of beige has gained high favor from people of all ages. It is the best choise when you want to give a soft and lustrous impression.

Greige gives cute result even without bleach

Bleaching is the basic method to bring out the color and clearness of greige, but the damage may be worrisome to some people. If you dye your hair greige without bleaching, the cool impression may not be as strong as when done with bleach, but instead you will get a warm and gentle hair color.

Greige is a fashionable all-purpose color with or without bleaching

Greige, which is said to be a new trend in hair coloring, is a color with a unique dullness and clearness. When dyed with bleach, the redness of the hair disappears, resulting in a color with strong ash kind of dullness. On the other hand, even without bleaching, you can get a hair color with a soft impression while still maintaining the clearness. Please aim for your very own ideal hair color while balancing out your own taste and hair condition.