Important hair care points for volume up

Have you ever felt that your hair is so flat that you can’t style it well? Such problem may be caused by various aspects, such as original hair quality or stress and disruption of the hair cycle due to unhealthy lifestyle, and of course, improper hair care. Let’s take a look at hair care methods that are effective in increasing the volume of hair.

Try changing your shampooing method

The purpose of shampoo is to wash not only the hair but also the scalp. An unhealthy scalp also has a negative effect on hair volume. It is important to massage your scalp with your finger pads and rinse it with lukewarm water instead of hot water when shampooing.

Try changing the type of shampoo

Proper hair care cannot be achieved with a shampoo that does not fit your scalp. For oily scalp, it is necessary to choose a type with strong cleansing power. On the other hand, shampoo with high moisturizing power is perfect for dry scalp.

Try getting head spa

You may not be able to get enough hair care with your own method. In such case, it is effective to try getting head spa at beauty salon. You can remove the dirts sticking on your scalp, and even better, get advise on haircare from your hair stylist.

Reflecting on your daily habits is important

It is not always the advanced techniques and hard-to-find hair care products that solve hair volume problem. In some cases, you can easily get a sufficient effect even with common products and simple methods that you can continue with little effort. With proper hair care and healthy hair, you can try different hairstyles.