Types of hair extension you should know

Hair extensions are useful when you want to quickly add length or volume to your hair. There are various types of hair extensions, each with their own different usage. Below, we will introduce some typical types of hair extensions. Please take this opportunity to deepen your understanding.

Seal extensions

First, seal extensions. Also known as tape-in extensions, it is a type that is designed to be attached using a sheet-shaped sticker, and is known to be easy to handle even for beginners. It is also suitable for bangs and sides.

Pinch braid extensions

The second hair extensions we want to introduce is pinch braid extensions, known as pull extension in Japan. It comes with a special string that you can use to attach it directly to your hair. It is also possible to wash the hair while wearing it, so even people who are unfamiliar with hair extensions are able to handle it easily. Pinch braid extension comes with many types of designs, so we’d recommend you to get the ones that suit your taste.

Enjoy fashion with hair extensions

We have introduced two types of hair extensions here, but actually there are many other types, such as weave-in extension and ultrasonic extensions. If you can use extensions well in a way that suits you well, your range of fashion will definitely expand. Those who want to enjoy fashion should definitely give it a try for their own advantages.