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Senior Stylist RM76
Director RM98
Senior Director RM138
Managing Director RM168

For Children
0 – 5 years old Free
6 – 12 years old 50% Off
13 – 19 years old 30% Off

*Free haircut
for 0 – 5 years old
is only applicable
for members' children.


Hair Care

Ultrasonic Iron Short RM245
Ultrasonic Iron Med. RM265
Ultrasonic Iron Long RM285

Ultrasonic Premium Short RM330
Ultrasonic Premium Med. RM350
Ultrasonic Premium Long RM370

Global Milbon Smooth Short RM170
Global Milbon Smooth Med. RM185
Global Milbon Smooth Long RM200

Plarmia Refining Short RM160
Plarmia Refining Med.     RM180
Plarmia Refining Long RM200

Fusio-Dose Booster Add-on RM42 each 
CMC Booster Add-on RM40 each

Scalp Care
Tansan Sparkling Scalp Add-on RM32
Kerastase Calming RM190
Milbon Plarmia RM200
Shiseido Adenovital RM230


Touch Up RM148
Short RM212
Medium RM254
Long RM296

By consultation

Touch Up RM140
Short RM210
Medium RM258
Long RM300


Cold Perm RM265~
Digital Perm RM424~

Rebonding Touch Up RM318
Rebonding Short RM370
Rebonding Medium RM424
Rebonding Long RM530~


Wash & Blow Dry RM42
Wash & Styling RM64

Specialty Updo RM85 - RM128
Updo By Consultation


Seal Extensions
Medium Length RM22/piece
Long Length RM27/piece

Seal Maintenance RM11/piece

Yoshitaka Inao

Area Manager & Senior Director - Bangsar

With more than a decade of experience, his regulars, including the country’s top bloggers, have commended on his lively personality and unwavering focus when it comes to hair styling. His sole passion lies in the creative art of hair design. 

Calvin Lai

Senior Stylist - Bangsar

Beneath the cool persona lays a conscientious individual. From glamorous highlights to show-stopping colours to classic styles for both men and women, his versatility in tailoring styles to complement individual features has earned him many happy customers.

Suky Lim

Senior Stylist - Bangsar

Relatively new to the team, she has spent some years gaining experiences and building solid relationships with regulars who highly approve of her works. With swift hands and deft fingers, she is ever-determined to do her best to make a mark in the highly-driven hair industry.

Ivan Tong

Senior Stylist - Bangsar

Having been in the team for a couple of years, he has grown to be a familiar face for long-time regulars. Friendly with attention to details, and ever-willing to share insider’s tips on hair styling, its crystal clear why he has since became a favourite for many customers.

Steve Koh

Branch Manager & Director - Mid Valley

The years spent under the guidance of esteemed Japanese hair maestros have earned him impressive skills to gain the customers’ trust. Also fluent in few languages including Japanese, he works regularly with customers from all walks of life. Mainly based in Singapore. 

Yamamoto Masateru

Director - Mid Valley

Coming from one of the prominent fashion districts in Tokyo, his perception of style and trends are honed since younger days. Easily known for his accurate techniques, especially natural classic styles, do not be surprised to find that his hair styling talents extend much further.


Senior Stylist - Mid Valley

Relatively fresh to the team, she has a list of happy regulars who have trusted her styling instincts since many years. With a warm and sincere heart, alongside trained techniques, she hopes to satisfy every customer’s personal preferences and needs as best she can.

Terry Yong

Director - Mid Valley

With calm, friendly demeanour and an evident desire to delight customers, combined with years of practised skills, it’s easy to see why customers return. Sleek short cuts, long voluminous waves, multi-dimensional highlights, he’s got all these under his sleeves, and so much more.

Emily Wong

Senior Stylist - Mid Valley

With a cool smile, her unmistakably warm eyes charm customers into a world of stylish cuts, fabulous colours and glamorous perms. Accumulated years of experience as a professional hair stylist have earned her respect and trust from long-time regulars.

Jason How

Senior Stylist - Mid Valley

Having graduated from a hair academy in his early twenties, Jason kick-started his journey in the highly competitive city of Kuala Lumpur. After several years in the industry, he joined Number76 to train personally under the team of professionals. He finds joy in various color tones to create stylish, vibrant looks to suit any style! 

Wendy Ng

Senior Stylist - Starhill Gallery

With almost 10 years of experience in the industry, Wendy continues to seek knowledge and exciting experiences to serve customers better each day. She looks forward to the smiles of customers at the end of every hair makeover. 

Odera Takeshi

Director - Starhill Gallery

With many years of industry experience under his belt, he gives an impression of calm even in the midst of the unexpected. He finds joy in customizing the latest hair trends from Japan to suit Malaysian customers which include a wide range of happy celebrities.

Yves Chong

Director - Starhill Gallery

Pronounced “eev”, he embraces challenges in new styles and trends, though his first love will always be natural, classic hair styles. His philosophy in lifelong learning and pleasant charm has contributed to a growing list of returning customers which includes public figures.

Jeddy Lim

Senior Stylist - Starhill Gallery

With several years of styling experience, his ultimate goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. His creativity is especially optimized in the various shades of color mixes that he pulls out to suit each individual personality on his extensive list of happy customers.

Han Siew

Senior Stylist - Starhill Gallery

Relatively fresh in the team, he is gradually making his own name in the city’s intensely competitive hair dressing industry. Regulars have commended on his pleasing manners alongside his sincerity to step beyond his comfort zone when it comes to hair trends.

Amy Ng

Senior Director - Starhill Gallery

Warm and approachable, her deft fingers come in handy in her delight for specialty styles involving braids and plaits, particularly when complemented with custom-mixed hair color that is truly unique to each customer’s needs. Mainly based in Singapore. 

Eriko Sunada

Hair Stylist - Tokyo


男女問わず、再現性の高いカットが得意。 また一児のママさん美容師、いつでも仕事と子育てに一生懸命。 忙しくて、中々時間の取れないママさんを応援しています。なんでも相談して下さい。

Yoshitada Dejima

Hair Stylist - Tokyo


海外店舗(Number76)の立ち上げに参加し、マレーシアで2年間勤務。 帰国後、人材教育や新メニューづくりを手掛けているクリエイティブスタイリスト。 趣味は、旅行とサーフィン。

Yoshiyatsu Iijima

Hair Stylist - Tokyo

トレンドを意識しつつも作り込まないナチュラルなスタイルをお客様へ提案します。 特にシルエットと質感にこだわった収まりの良いパーマが得意です。

Yurina Gomi

Hair Stylist - Tokyo


私のモットーは、「いつも笑顔で」皆さんを笑顔にする時間作りを心がけています。 趣味は舞台鑑賞、博物館、個展巡り。ここで得た刺激を日々のサロンワークに活かしています。

Hikimoto Yuko

Branch Manager & Director - Publika

Her reputation is no stranger to many aspiring hair-trendsetters as her list of happy guests includes prominent models, celebrity bloggers, and social media influencers. She finds great joy in creative mix of colours and snazzy styling to suit any personality.

Takamasa Sato

Branch Manager & Director - Publika

His quiet disposition lends a calm air to his surroundings, though his friendly eyes hint at a warm and amiable nature. While he delights in natural styles to complement any features, he’s certainly not afraid to take liberty in the creative arts of hair design.

Lucas Tee

Senior Stylist - Publika

The few years of hair styling experience in the industry have taught him to listen and respect the requests of valued guests. That said, he will not hesitate to share his thoughts, advice, and most importantly, his utmost effort to give you a fresh, new look.


Director - Publika

A growing name in the hair styling world, his charm and good-natured temperament draw guests to seek advice for tresses in distress. He enjoys strategizing and executing full-on hair makeovers, and takes satisfaction in the smiles of happy guests.

Jeff Ee

Senior Stylist - Publika

With amiable manners and an easygoing disposition, Jeff seeks the thrill of exciting styles to bring out each customer's best features. Feel free to seek his opinion on what color and styles will suit your best!

Gordon Low

Senior Stylist - Singapore

With a friendly smile and sincere heart, Gordon's charms extend beyond warm hospitality. He is fueled by a burning passion in the complex art of hair design, where versatility and creativity is prescribed daily to a variety of hair textures. 

Eri Su

Senior Stylist - Singapore

Eri displays versatility in handling various hair textures to bring out the best of your features. Seeking inspiration from music and art, he aims to be a part of your journey in self-expression through exciting hair styles. 

Steve Koh

Director Stylist - Singapore

The years spent under guidance of esteemed Japanese hair maestros have earned Steve impressive skills to gain customers’ trust. Also fluent in few languages including Japanese, he welcomes guests from all walks of life.

Amy Ng

Director Stylist - Singapore

Warm and approachable, her deft fingers come in handy in her delight for specialty styles involving braids and plaits, particularly when complemented with custom-mixed hair color that is truly unique to each customer’s needs. 

Daisuke Hamaguchi

Managing Director - Singapore

Mr Hamaguchi is the founder of Hair Salon NALU, Tokyo. He is responsible for the introducing his distinctive brand of skilled techniques, warm services, and Japanese hospitality from Tokyo to Malaysia and Singapore, through Number76.


We aim to provide pleasant hospitality and professional services to welcome every guest who steps into the salon. A distinctive atmosphere to make each visit an enjoyable, pampering experience to look forward to every time.


• To reach out to each customer’s individual needs with the highest service standards. 
• To inspire, nurture and educate the next generation on the charisma of hair stylists.
• To open up exciting opportunities for all passions in the beauty industry


Every woman and man deserves to look great and feel confident. Number76 believes in creating more smiles in the world, starting with a hair style that complements your individual personality.


Be polite, be kind, be honest.

History of Number76

Number76 was born in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, in year 2001.

Founder Daisuke Hamaguchi started this tiny little hair salon with his only assistant back then, and called it HairStyleShop NALU. He wanted to have a salon with the concept of a style shop, where customers can casually change the hair designs that they fancy just like how one changes his or her fashion items. The name NALU means "waves" in Hawaiian.

"Riding the tide (catching the trends), beckoning the waves (creating the trends), and of course perming your hair wavy (haha) were the most befitting phrases for me, since I also love surfing" said Hama.

In year 2003, NALU was moved to Omotesando, and at the same time 76CAFE was opened. It was a very interesting concept with the ground floor being a cafe, and the basement a hair salon. It soon became one of the most popular spots in the stylish district of Omotesando.

Then, Hama's wandering journey began.

He was in search for a chance to create new waves overseas, thus travelled to different countries around Asia, America and other cities. He found an ideal place, which is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, a city of multiculturalism with people of different fashion and culture senses. He was deeply intrigued by how the locals and residents possess the power to create their own distinctive culture in their city. He decided to choose this charming capital as the destination of his journey, with the belief that one day Kuala Lumpur would too be a centre of unique fashion cultures, just like Harajuku in Tokyo.

This new year, Number76 stamps its mark in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. 

 Expanding to Singapore was a natural decision to come to for Hama. The dynamic and amazingly stylish country beckoned to him; while Singaporean customers that frequent Malaysia also called for its arrival, cementing his expansion decisions. 

Wherever Number76 goes, Hama is determined that his customers across the globe will walk out from his salons with a sense of satisfaction and happiness. It is this determination that has carried this brand across oceans.

The name Number76 was originally conceived from NALU.

In Japanese, 7 (seven) is pronounced as "NANA" while 6 (six) as "ROKU". When abbreviated, “NANA” and “ROKU” merged together as NALU, hence Number76. Bearing the concept inherited from NALU, we hope to create new trends together with all of you.